Position loan officers as an option on real estate partner websites

Co-marketing made easy with one click payment flyers

10X your compliant social media presence across the enterprise

Transparency and education help your business grow

BankingBridge’s platform gives your loan officers a choice in which type of marketing tools they want to deploy. And with the right compliance tools and more transparency, you present your loan officer to the customer as trusted advisor earlier in the process.

Learn how BankingBridge positions your loan officers for success

“BankingBridge places my content into my realtors website. I’m now positioned much earlier in the home buying process.”
Retail Loan Officer


Your data working for you

BankingBridge makes it easier for your leadership, marketing, and loan officers to gain insight into your real estate co-marketing efforts. Daily snapshots, graphs, trend analysis available on the ROI of those relationships.

"There was an initial hesitation of incorporating rates into our marketing channels but it has become a critical need 12 months later. Bankingbridge allows you to take small steps or giant leaps and we like that approach. "
— Retail Sales Director

Collaborate with vendor partners and services

Rapidly build production ready integrations with BankingBridge internal API toolkit that super charges any existing pricing engine API. RateFlow - a RESTful JSON, swagger 2.0 compliant API -- significantly reduces integration to your vendors or existing applications.