BankingBridge quickly connects real estate agents and their preferred mortgage loan officers with professionally designed co branded marketing material

BankingBridge is a web based platform for real estate agents and mortgage lenders that focuses on quickly delivering marketing efforts, using real time data, to create a definitive source of home buying information.


The Banking Bridge Difference


All marketing material is accessible by both partnering real estate agent and mortgage banker.


Setup groups to streamline marketing efforts to be managed by one person in your company, no matter how big or small, helping all users stay compliant.

Interest Rates

No more manually loading rates daily. No more having to give consent to realtors on rates. Your pricing is updated every three hours automatically with time stamp and you’re ready to go.

Marketing Material

All Banking bridge marketing material is professionally designed using the latest templates to keep your look fresh.

Text Lead

Each real estate agent and partnering mortgage banker will receive potential customers contact info from texting interaction on our marketing material

Dynamic QR Codes

Love them or hate em they serve a purpose. Each listing in banking bridge has a unique QR code created for it automatically. This allows interaction from the potential homebuyer with up to date rates and listing info.