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PRINT Payment FLYERS & Update Flyer Template

From “My Shared Listings” or "My Listings" find listings and click “flyer” in the appropriate listing card. Your flyer will generate as a PDF. 

To update flyer template click on flyer template at right lower corner of page.  Select new template and color scheme. 

Mortgage Calculators for Real Estate Websites 

              Position your loan officers in higher traffic areas with our real estate partner mortgage calculators that are specific built to fit within the design of their existing page.  These calculators are connected to your pricing engine so all information displayed is in real time and compliant.  They are easy to install and can be utilized on any modern website.  

My Custom Flyers : Admin Account 

Manage all of your flyers in one platform.  From "My Flyers" select the flyer image and click "print" then preview the PDF link.  Admins can upload flyer images as they are created and instantly make them available to all loan officers.  The bottom "signature" section is provide by BankingBridge.  Update signature info in "My Profile". 

Lead Capture Workflow 

The industry's best lead capture workflow embeds into any website, blog, or landing page.  Included in our workflow is lead sanitation, pricing engine integration, and CRM integration.  It's more than just your standard web form. 


From “My Shared Listings or My Listings” click or tap "share" on the appropriate listing card.  You may be prompted to connect your BankingBridge account to the appropriate social network. Once you have connected your accounts you can share your listings to social media.

Your company issued laptop may block Facebook.  It's recommended to use your personal phone or tablet.

Search & Invite Realtors

From “My Network” use the search bar to search by agency or individual agent. Agency and agent name will return exactly as it appears in MLS (use legal name). If searching by agency, select load realtors, and click “invite realtor” to complete the invitation process.

If searching by agent name select agent and send invite. You will receive an email notification once your agent has accepted your invite.  Your connected agent listings are managed in “My Shared Listings”.


From "My Profile" click on "edit this page".  You can edit contact information and flyer templates.  As a real estate agent go to “Launchpad”. You will be able to edit details about your account including contact information, profile picture, and flyer templates. Click on edit pencil to make changes. Save changes.


From “My Listings” or “My Shared Listings” click on the three vertical dots at the right corner of the appropriate listing card. Select “manage guest” and assign another agent ownership of your listing by using the drop down.   The agent will be required to have an active BankingBridge account in order to appear in the drop down.


From “My Loan Programs” you can create specific program sets to appear on your marketing assets for specific neighborhoods, agents, city, zip code, or property type. Create a program set by clicking on the orange + circle.  Title and give your loan program a description such as "USDA Legend Oaks Neighborhood". 

Select the type of filter from the drop down.  Then type in the neighborhood name, agent name, zip code...etc that is specific to the program set.  

Exit the screen and your new program set will appear.  Hover over the program set and click " view programs".  Drag the loan programs to the order you want them to appear for that filter.  Programs will then show up on your marketing assets based on that filter.  


From "My Shared Listings" or “My Listings” select the appropriate listings by clicking on box at the bottom left of each listing. Use the hamburger at the bottom right of page and select the “print” icon.  Your flyers will generate as a PDF for preview.


BankingBridge imports listings using ListHub ( Brokers, or the appropriate party, can register for a free ListHub account using link below.

The broker will need to be on the lookout for emails from ListHub confirming the account. BankingBridge will receive listing information about 5–7 business days after ListHub receives your registration.

My Rates : Charts & Graphs

From “My Rates" you can see all your rates in one spot in real time which includes all available loan programs within the platform.  Click on the chart icon on each loan card to see comparison charts of your rates vs 10 Yr Treasury yield. 

Missing Listings Or Wrong Agent Name 

If you are having trouble finding a particular agents name or an agent is missing a listing in Bankingbridge the common issue is that the listing is actually under another agents name in MLS.  This video will help trouble shoot for you.